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 The famous type 35 Bugatti, source of a lot of motor racing cars, is still considered as the masterpiece of Ettore Bugatti. Bugatti book


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Bugatti Supercars

AVAILABLE 3rd QUARTER 2024 In a fresh view of Bugatti, this book frames the...
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O Ultimo Bugatti 51

In October 1935, the Molsheim factory sold to a happy customer – as were all customers...
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Bugatti EB110

La vera storia della EB110 – The true story of the EB110
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Ettore Bugatti's Baby

The first book dedicated to the Baby Bugattis! 500 copies only! German text
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LE Magnum Bugatti ! Un livre exceptionnel sur l'histoire de Bugatti qui fait encore...
Price €900.00
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The first real Bugatti was the Type 13. Production began in 1910 and lasted through 1920, with 435 examples produced. Later came the Royale, of which only six were made. The type 57 and later variants, of which 710 were built including the famous Atlantic and Atalante models, were built between 1934 and 1940. The final resurgence of the original Bugatti was the Type 251, completed in 1955 and designed by Gioacchino Colombo of Ferrari fame. The Type 251 was entered in the 1956 French Grand Prix, but was not competitive and retired after 18 laps.