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Winged Sports Cars and Enduring Technology

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The International Championship for Manufacturers in Photographs 1962-1971.
By: János Wimpffen, David Bull Publishing, hardback, 330 x 279mm, 400 pages, 229 colour & 327 b&w photos. 

Très bon état (livre et jaquette). Protégé sous film plastique.

Sports car racing's decade of greatest diversity began with a shift from front-engine to mid-engine design and experiments with aerodynamics and lighter weight materials, resulting in some of the fastest, most charismatic cars ever built. It was also a time of unequalled driver talent, when many racers also competed in Formula 1. This beautiful large format coffee-table book is the sequel to Janos Wimpffen's critically acclaimed Open Roads and Front Engines. It celebrates the men and machines of the decade with engaging writing and hundreds of evocative images from each race, most of which have never been published.

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